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Current version 1.0rc2

warning: config files changed AGAIN in 0.15

What is This?
SaveMyModem is a anti-spam, mail-shaper, delete-on-server software thought for users who have a dialup connection and are sick and tired of downloading 1MB a day of spam and Win32-worm-attached messages. Since now it supports only pop3 accounts, and smtp accounts for complaining.

Have a look here for an article describing smm.

Why this software exists?
There are some other delete-on-server mail-filter programs, like mailfilter, but I've not found one with all these functions:

Recently (on 5 February 2003) I dicovered mailwasher, that is a closed-source software that says : "I'm freeware and spyware free". Superficially smm can be mistaken for an open-source clone of mailwasher. I've not taken any ideas from it and smm has been developed without knowing the existence of mailwasher.

Screen Shots
A view of the interactive interface

Plugin list
All the plugins are packed with smm.

Why plugins?

Multithreaded mail download speeds up the download process since it connects simultaneously to all your pop3 accounts. This avoids big network latencies, like hostname resolution via DNS or connection to an hi-loaded server. Under Linux this approach makes possible to redraw the guy during the download process, and this cuts out the annoying guy freeze. Under windows this is not possible because of a "conflict" between gtk and threads, so the GUI may freeze, but the download speed is increased.

SpamAssassin is probably the best way to protect yourself from spam. Smm can use the powerful spamassassin engine on the partially downloaded messages. Yes! You can check your mail with spamassassin without downloading the whole message. With this plugin smm adds to its ligthweigth bandwidth usage the power of spamassassin! Enjoy.

Sorry for win32 users, but smm-1.0pre4 doesn't include the spamassassin plugin, since there is much to do to make smm+spamassassin work under windows :(
I'll work on this next month (maybe).

Now both pop3 and smtp configuration is made by a user friendly gui. Hopefully you will not need to read the manual, but if you are in trouble...

In ~/.smm/ (Unix) or the program directory (Win32) there are some other files. A detailed description of configuration files is here.

To use this software you need gtk+-1.2. The Win32 version contains them.
All files and ChangeLog are on:

I putted on an unofficial debian repository for smm on woody. You shoud add these lines to your sources.list
deb ./
deb-src ./

To checkout smm type (using a bash shell and ssh):
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 checkout smm
If you don't like ssh, you can use the pserver following SourceForge's CVS documentation.

This software is under GPL license. No warranties!

Wishes (TODO list in priority order)

Special thanks to: Gtk team for a good and portable toolkit, Linus for the OS, George J. Carrette for the gnu_regex.dll, Andrew Lynch and Daniel Lemire for some help on the pop3 plugin, Kivilcim Hindistan for writing an amazing article about smm and all the other guys who helped me using and debugging smm.